WordPress Text Sliders Plugin 1.0.0

WordPress Text Sliders Plugin 1.0.0
Wordpress Text Slider Plugin


We are happy to report you that we have developed the WordPress Text Sliders Plugin

WordPress Text Only Carousel Slider

Text Sliders is a simple solution to create pretty text only sliders quickly and friendly. We offer a few shortcodes to build Text only carousel slide, It is very easy to add / edit / delete / category text slider via WYSIWYG text editor in admin area -> “Text Sliders” Menu, In frontend, you will own a pretty text slider to show text auto slider in your wordpress site. You can use it to display quotes, client’s testimonials, reviews, or show your post content in a text slider, or show rss feed of any site as a text slider in your site … and so on. 🙂

If you have any feature request of wordpress text sliders, please don’t hesitate to tell us 🙂

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WordPress Text Sliders Plugin Support

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