WordPress Text Sliders Plugin 5.7.4, Solve the Problem “part of not-active parts still visible”

Hey Dear Users of  WordPress Text Sliders Plugin ,Hope this message find you are doing well, hope this message find you are having happy weekend with your family! We are happy to report that we have released wordpress text sliders pro plugin 5.7.4, to solve the problem of “part of not-active parts still visible” 🙂

What’s new in  wordpress text slider pro plugin 5.7.4?

In our wordpress text slider plugin support forum, we found an user’s thread, in which he reported a CSS issue:

Hi Forks,

I really like your plugin.

There’s one issue I’d like your help with please.

It has to do with the sliders that are not activate – parts of them are still visible.

Can you help me resolve this, please?



Yes, our older version will display a little parts of un-actived sliders be displayed in the text sliders, we was think this is not a problem, because sometimes, text slider users will focus on these little parts of un-actived sliders and click to read then, but just like Steve said, this is not a good experience for text slider users, not nature, our developer have re-developed a new version of text-slider plugin to solve this problem, this change will effects text slider free, text slider multisite license version, text sliders single site license version, please upgrade to the new version asap you can 🙂

Thanks for the great feedback to text slider plugin! We are developing a new version of wordpress text slider plugin, If you have any question or suggestion of WordPress Text Sliders Plugin, please don’t hesitate to tell us 🙂

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Thanks, have a blessed day with your family 🙂
Best Regards,

WordPress Text Sliders Plugin Support Team

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